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Look no further, you're at the perfect place!
Female Teacher and Student


Howdy, all! We are so so excited to have been able to get our website back up and running, and hope summer has been treating you well. We are pumped to introduce our long-term tutoring program in which we have partnered with several educational nonprofits to provide interested volunteers with the opportunity to virtually tutor PreK through grade 12 students lacking sufficient academic support on a plethora of STEAM subjects year-round- pick your strong suits and rock tutoring(find further details and the tutor application by clicking on the "I'm Interested!" button below)!

Community Service Hours: 1 pt. per 30 min. of tutoring

Date: August 2021 - Present

1. Virtually tutoring Prek-12 students on STEAM subjects

 Tutors must be students between high school grade 9 to undergraduate senior; no volunteer limit

Ongoing Event

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 4.32.27 PM.png

Animal Shelter in Fuzhou, China

Our "long-term" goal is to be able to establish an animal shelter in Fuzhou, China, which will also be the first animal shelter in Sansheng city and amongst the very few animal shelters in China. The number of stray dogs running wildly on the streets continues to soar, and now higher than ever without spaying/neutering measures. And very sadly, most of these streets dogs are treated unkindly by pedestrians or at best ignored. They live off of the few scraps a kind Samaritan drops for them every so often and the pity pets of strangers walking by. The lack of animal shelters in the country as a whole is shocking in the worst way possible. With your support, we are working towards founding the first animal shelter in Fuzhou, China by the summer of 2021. Let's bring these precious animals off the streets and into the homes of loving families so that they too can enjoy the same comfort & affection as our own pets do.

Ongoing Project


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